Welcome to Flatten the Funnel. While the marketing world still talks about filling the funnel, sales want high quality leads that convert. We have a perfect storm where the drive to balance out the CPA cost (due to the influx of spend, the limited impression space, the need for better targeting and the issue of people knowing their data has value) sees a lot of marketeers dumbing down content. The problem is this dramatically degrades the lead quality, and sales needs digitally qualified people to call, not just a bucket of people that once engaged on a vision piece and didn't provide a phone number (because you took that off your form as your CPA increased).

My personal blog is dedicated to the principle of flattening the funnel - and that is about accelerating your pipeline at any given point to connect a sales person to a prospect, with the right information and intent data to move the prospect forward. Integrating sales with marketing to deliver the best results from your campaign investment. In this website we break the content down into something to read, something to learn and our recommended tools to you use at the 'Warm up' stage (CARE), the 'Building Engagement' stage (CONSIDER) and 'Vendor selection' stage (CHOOSE).

Understanding that a prospects marketing journey doesn't start at the form, but the form represents the last stage of their engagement with your content and the first stage of their engagement with your sales teams.

Flatter the Funnel

Warm them up (CARE)

Build Awareness and Consideration.
Here we share content, tips, and tools around traffic driving techniques. Covering Paid, Owned, Earned and Amplified Sales and Marketing techniques, including inbound and content marketing, helping you get Visible and Valuable and making them care.

Build Engagement (CONSIDER)

Convert and Nurture.
This section is all about conversion techniques. Turning unknown traffic into known prospects and then nurturing them and extending across the buyer group, helping you get connected and increasing interest.

Get Selected (CHOOSE)

Support Evaluation and Selection.
Here we cover how to support a prospect through the end of their buying cycle with the combination of the right content at the right time, with the right lead development techniques.