Do I need to use SocialSelling? #Infographic.

I’ve seen a lot of discussion about the application of Social Selling (especially the question “Do I need to use SocialSelling?” and it’s various techniques, and for my part, to assist in the debate, I wanted to create an infographic to help people answer the biggest and most fundamental question of all.

“Do I need to use Social Selling in my Business?”

Well, here is an infographic I’ve created to help you answer this very question.

Okay, so now we’ve answered that question. If you are a GO! then the next one is how do I deploy it? …and I have two suggestions for you.

  1. The “Do-it-yourself” model. In this case, I can highly recommend checking out this 12-week video learning programme, devised and recorded by Jack Kosakowski. It’s not a 2-day workshop where salespeople learn a lot but never actually embed it into their sales processes. It’s a 12-week video drip learning programme with around 20 minutes of content and some exercises each week. Not only showing you how to do it but also to give you confidence in it’s success. With Jack and his team holding your (metaphorical) hand all the way through the course, and a private facebook group for Q&A and ongoing support. Get more details –> HERE <– (and for a limited time only – use the voucher code JASONSPECIAL for a discount)
  2. The “Can you just do it for me?” model. Well in this case, please give me a call. We help our customers by deploying outsourced social selling teams supporting your existing sales teams and processes. This can be marketing led and ongoing (like you might use an outsourced telesales) or part of a sales-led transitional model, where you run an outsourced programme while you up skill your internal teams. You will be very impressed by the results it can generate.

Your competitors will not wait for you. If your customers are active in social, then you can bet that they are talking to listening to or talking to someone. Let’s make sure it’s you.

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