How to Create a Multi-Channel Conversation Process in Sales Today

Ready to take tips from the author of the biggest-selling sales book of all time?

We have an awesome guest for this webinar.

Tim Sanders has been involved with sales throughout his working life. He began in the late 1970s selling advertising space on FM radio stations. Through a whole load of groundwork, Tim is recognised for his expertise and has become a top-rated public speaker and New York Times bestselling author.

A huge epoch for Tim Sanders was working in 1997 with Mark Cuban, now host of ABC’s Shark Tank, on launching internet radio company AudioNet.

On this webinar Jack Kosakowski speaks with this prolific author, looking at the various ways to widen sales opportunities and how to tap into innovative technologies.

Learn why multi-channel communication is the competitive advantage in sales today

The one-size-fits-all strategy is dead. Despite this, there is still a lot of cold-calling activity, far too many people pounding the phones.

It’s hard to find a bigger advocate for multi-channel sales communication than Tim Sanders. In this webinar, there is a fervent discussion on the many dimensions to attaining sales leads.

Find out what channels you should be using in your sales communication cadence

Managers senior to you don’t often feel confident with social networking.  There are still some ‘dinosaurs’ around who want the straight ‘vanilla’ way of contacting prospects.

Jack and Tim discuss the ways for salespeople to introduce innovation into their processes.

Actionable proactive engagement strategies you can use immediately

Can you measure the pain point your prospect has? Do you know the importance of the challenges your contacts are facing? Taking this into account should be a top priority just before you make contact.

Tools you can use to be more efficient with a multi-channel communication strategy

Even Instagram and Facebook messenger are viable channels for widening your sales opportunities. Jack Kosakowski elaborates on the various social platforms and the vital things you need to say on them to help galvanize your connection.

It’s no surprise that relevancy and personality are two essential facets you need for networking.

Tim Sanders doesn’t just outline the need for this, he also points out how too much of this can turn a potential deal into a dud.

Facebook is a favoured channel for Jack Kosakowski, who is only too happy to point out how much opportunity he has discovered on the platform.

The social network is largely an unexplored area for making sales connections and understandably so.

Of course, salespeople should respect this particular digital arena.

It does need the personal touch.

We all have different personas that vary on the environment we’re in, and Facebook is obviously a platform where users let their hair down. Tim stresses the points you need to embrace before even thinking of making any form of sales contact through Messenger.

How to leverage video in your multi-channel communication strategy

An important phrase is ‘I’ve got to show you something’, it really grabs the attention of your prospect. This is a truly vital tactic, especially with a new generation of buyers out there, as millennials don’t tend to engage well with a phone conversation.

“The new way of scaling is video” declares Tim Sanders. Jack reveals his new tip on reaching out to prospects through video.

How to leverage multi-channel communication to start sales conversations at executive level

Jack is no stranger to making contact with executive people in his quest to make sales. He reveals techniques that help him open deals at this level.

Also discussed throughout this webinar are strategies that build your value and visibility in the field you work in.

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