Top 5 Tools to Turn Traffic into Leads Webinar

I’m really pleased to announce I’m running a weekly webinar on “How to Turn Traffic into Leads”. I (Jason Burrows, CEO at Creation Agency) will guide you through how we help customers turn digital into dollars, and drive down the cost of customer acquisition.

In this webinar he will be sharing not only his top tips, but also his top tools to help you match results and get more value from your marketing. There will be actionable takeaways for you to start implementing immediately.

What Will I Learn?

  • How we achieved a cost per lead of as low as £3.34 with one B2B client.
  • How we research customers interests to create engaging content.
  • What tools we use to convert visitor and social engagers into email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Explanation of our favourite tools with a quick demo.
  • All in 30 minutes.

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