How to speed read articles before you share

To be successful on some social networks you need volume. Fact. If the life of a tweet is only 8 minutes, sending two or three a day just won’t cut it I’m afraid. Of course, you cannot write 10-12 new pieces of content, so what do you do? You curate, right?

You get a hot list of great sites or people that provide great content, you listen and read, and then you can share what’s interesting with your audience. Hopefully, you don’t just repost and add to the noise (you don’t right?), but you actually read the content and then add some value.

My process is:

  • Find the content (I use products like Feedly to aggregate my content).
  • Read the article.
  • Form an opinion and write my headline.
  • Check it has a nice graphic (if not HERE is a great tip to get one to improve engagement).
  • Then I drop to Hashtagify and get the most relevant tags to include to get the post engagement.
  • Share (usually letting Buffer work out the spacing and best time).

Of all of those 6 points, the second, reading the article is by far the most time consuming. So to help me, and you here is a 1min hack video to help you read that content in super quickly. I promise that this will get you devouring stacks of content in no time at all.


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