The Power of Watson Analytics. Banish Pivot Tables Forever and Add Predictive Analytics (for Free!)

Would you believe that we used to employ a guy because he was great at pivot tables? He was great, and a really invaluable member of the team and everyone relied on him to help them make sense of the raw data and get it into a format to be able to review and analyse and of course report.

Now the problem has grown, not because we have all got a little more stupid, but because we have a lot more data.  And in different locations.

In any average campaign we might have:

  • Google Analytics Data
  • Marketing Automation Data – email opens, clicks and landing page traffic
  • Form fills
  • Video Engagement Data
  • Social Data from Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook
  • Bitly data
  • Paid network data

Also, external events might be happening that we want to build into the data modeling (that we can draw from Social listening or even events like the weather).

Imagine a cloud-based system that could just do this for you, what you could either upload your CSV’s or just connect your database. Where all the data is connected so you can navigate across the information. Uses artificial intelligence to build charts for you on the fly and make recommendations, and also build in predictive analytics so you can forecast the success of a campaign based on the audience profile and content and channels used.

Now imagine it’s free and very easy to use. Here is a full overview of the tool.

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